Giving the Democratic Party
Back to the People.

I am endorsed by the California Nurses Association for a simple reason: Not only do I agree that it’s past time for the United States to join every major industrialized country on Earth and provide GUARANTEED health care for all Americans – yes, healthcare is a human right!

But I’m the only candidate who doesn’t have a history of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars within the last decade from Big Pharma, health care profiteers and other corporate stakeholders while simultaneously holding Party leadership positions and influencing health care policy.

If we are serious about passing single payer health care (Medicare for All), protecting women’s health care, reducing prescription drug costs, supporting our seniors and the economically vulnerable – we must clean up our own house first. Only then can we be taken seriously when we say we will deliver the only morally just healthcare system for all Californians.

Medicare for All is the only system that can guarantee healthcare-based, on-patient need. Eliminating private insurance and the high premiums, co-pays and deductibles associated with a greedy for-profit system will save families thousands of dollars, free up millions for businesses, increase wages for workers, and save hundreds of billions for taxpayers.

If we are to ever imagine an improvement in retirement security as well as cost of living adjustments, we must implement a single payer system. The time to act is NOW! 

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